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The Armed Services represent yet another educational, training, and employment option.  They offer you positions that cover a broad range of employment areas, including but not limited to military police, electronics, mechanics, medicine, computers, personnel, and supply.  The military is much like any other employer; they look for the most qualified and capable candidates they can find.  They hire people with skills and people who are motivated.  Here again, your solid high school record will secure a job and any training opportunities that you may seek.  You should meet with Ms. Lemoine and a military recruiter no later than the fall of your senior year.

Recruiters from all branches of the Armed Services are eager to explain the advantages of receiving either career training or an education through the Armed Services.  Students who choose to serve in the military first can receive funding toward educational expenses in return for an active duty tour.  Or students can serve part-time in the reserves and receive educational funding in return for their commitment.  Scholarships are also offered for enrolling in a ROTC Scholarship Program at select universities.  Students must take the ASVAB exam before speaking to a recruiter as what jobs you qualify for are dependent on your scores.


Please see Ms. Lemoine if you have any questions or would like to explore the military as an option.

Males Turning 18 Years Old

A reminder that you are required to register with Selective Service within 30 days of your 18th birthday.

You can register by visiting or stop by your local post office to fill out a form.

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