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NH Scholars

The N.H. State Scholars program is designed to encourage and recognize students who achieve a rigorous course of study while in high school.  This is a Federal grant-funded program developed and administered through a partnership between the N.H. College and University Council, the N.H. Forum on the Future, the N.H. Department of Education, and the National State Scholars Initiative Network.


If students have completed the specific courses needed, they will be recognized as a New Hampshire Scholar by the State in May of their senior year.  We will recognize these seniors on Class Day with a gold medallion, which will be worn at graduation.  Seniors who are Pell grant eligible in the college financial aid process may also receive a higher grant due to being a State Scholar. 


The N.H. State Scholars program encourages and motivates all high school students to complete a rigorous course of study throughout their four-year high school career.  The program is designed to prepare students for a competitive job market and admission to college or technical training. The N.H. Scholars Initiative is designed around two concepts:  1) Students complete a core course of study in high school, and 2) High schools partner with businesses in the community for mentoring, job shadowing, and internship opportunities. Students who are interested in the N.H. State Scholars program should speak to their guidance counselor.


N.H. Scholars agree to the following series of courses:


Core Course of Study

English:  Reading & Writing, British Literature, American Literature, World Literature

Mathematics:  Math 1, Math 2, Math 3 and 1 more math credit

Science:  Biology and two more labs – Chemistry, Physics, or Anatomy & Physiology

Social Studies:  World History, Civics, Economics, U.S. History, N.H. Studies

Modern Languages (2 credits of a language other than English)


Students can keep the N.H. Scholars core course of study in mind when planning their course of study and selecting classes each year.  At the conclusion of high school, students who have met the N.H. Scholars requirements will be recognized in the following ways:

  • Invitation to the N.H. Scholars recognition ceremony at Delta Dental Stadium in Manchester, N.H.;

  • Recognition at the G.H.S. Class Day ceremony and presentation of the N.H. Scholar medallion to be worn at gradation;

  • N.H. Scholar designation on the G.H.S. diploma and transcript


Benefits of being a N.H. State Scholar:

  • Advanced preparation for college

  • Learn decision-making and critical thinking skills necessary for work

  • Training/mentoring from potential employers

  • Recognition as a State Scholar at Class Day and Graduation ceremonies

  • Designation as a State Scholar on the high school transcript and diploma


For more information about the N.H. State Scholars program, please go to

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