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Door to Door Scholarship Drive

Mission Statement
We believe that a meaningful postsecondary experience is the key to a successful and satisfying life. We will focus on ensuring that each student has the resilience to develop a thorough understanding and appreciation of their strengths and passions - as well as others' - in order to define and achieve their highest goals.

Video / Capstone Project Created By

SeungNam Montanaro

We strive for personalization of instruction to meet all learners' needs and abilities.  Our many extra-curricular activities provide a forum for students to develop their individuality, strengths, and potential for success, as well as enhance their social-emotional wellness. Collaboration is used to reinforce important skills necessary to be utilized in the community and global environments of the 21st Century.

It's that time of the year again for Gorham Seniors to participate in the Gorham Randolph Shelburne Scholarship Fund (GRSSF) Door-to-Door Drive, formerly known as Dollars for Scholars. To learn more about this year's drive and hear from some of the seniors discussing their future plans, please watch the video above. If you would like to contribute, you may do so through the following options:


1. Mail a Check or Cash:

Make checks payable to GRSSF and send to: Gorham Middle & High School ATTN: Donna Theriault 120 Main Street Gorham, NH 03581


2. PayPal:

Send money via PayPal to Your support is greatly appreciated!

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