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Students, your journey towards academic excellence and holistic growth unfolds here. Here you will find information and resources tailored to support your educational voyage. Your active engagement enriches our vibrant learning community, making GMHS a conducive environment for discovery and camaraderie. We look forward to witnessing your achievements and contributions.

Parents, your involvement is fundamental to the academic success and well-being of our students. Here, you'll find important information and resources to stay engaged in your child's education. Together, we foster a nurturing and vibrant learning community for all. Thank you for your continued partnership and dedication.

Alma Gradebook

GMHS utilizes Alma SIS as its primary school management system. This platform streamlines our administrative processes, manages student data, tracks attendance and grades, and fosters communication between the school and families. It aids in ensuring efficient organization and access to pertinent information for our community.

A smartphone, tablet, and laptop displaying educational software dashboards, all set against a teal background.
A book with a husky's portrait on the cover, placed on a wooden surface. Beside the book, there's a blue plaid fabric and a pinecone. A subtle light shines on the scene.

The GMHS handbook serves as a comprehensive guide for students, parents, and staff. It outlines the school's mission, academic and disciplinary policies, daily routines, and student services. The handbook aims to provide all necessary information for a successful and informed school year.

Gorham Middle High School Handbook

High School Program of Studies

The GHS Program of Studies caters to grades 9 through 12, outlining graduation requirements in subjects like Business, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, STEM, Family & Consumer Science, Physical Education, Music, Life Skills. It encompasses various academic supports and learning opportunities such as Early College Credits and Gifted and Talented programs, and is linked to the N.H. State Scholars program, promoting rigorous academic pursuit among students.

A book with a geometric design of a wolf's face on a dark background, placed on a light surface. The book casts a shadow on the wall.
A book titled 'Scholarship Handbook' with a vibrant geometric design on one side, set against a purple background.

Scholarship Handbook

The Scholarship Handbook serves as a comprehensive guide for students and parents navigating the scholarship and financial aid process. It covers types of financial aid, explains the FAFSA application, provides a timeline for financial aid applications, and offers tips for creating a compelling scholarship application. The handbook aims to simplify the complex process of securing financial aid for post-secondary education.

High School Capstone Project

The Capstone Project at GHS, a key graduation requisite, showcases students' academic prowess and readiness for post-school endeavors through self-led learning experiences. Offering three project types—Research, Career Pathway, and Community Service—it facilitates students' transition to real-world scenarios, enhancing their appeal in college and job applications, while nurturing their academic and social growth through collaborative efforts, professional presentations, and adherence to deadlines, under the supportive guidance of parents, community, and advisors.

A student standing in front of their Capstone project, a Gaga Pit, that they built for the community to use.  The Gaga Pit is surrounded by green trees and a bright sunny day.


You access specific classroom websites for valuable information related to courses and other educational resources. These websites serve as a convenient platform for staying updated and engaged with the learning process.

A panoramic view of a well-lit classroom with rows of desks, educational posters on the walls, and a teacher's station at the front. The room is organized and ready for students.
Interior of a school library with students of various ages seated at wooden tables, working on laptops. A teacher is assisting a student at a large screen display. Bookshelves line the walls, and a 'Welcome to the Library' sign is visible. The room is well-lit with natural light from windows and overhead fluorescent lights.

Library Resources

The library offers a range of digital resources including an online catalog and access to Britannica Online and Gale Virtual Reference Library. A librarian/media specialist is part of the school's full-time faculty, highlighting the library's role in supporting academic pursuit.

School Access ID: gorham / Passcode: gorham

The Gale Virtual Reference Library Password is nhais

Library Sites Listed Below Can Be Accessed for Free While in School Building

GHS Class Day & Graduation Videos

 Gorham High School's Class Day and Graduation ceremonies are available for viewing. You can watch these memorable events by visiting the playlists on the GRS Cooperative Videos and Live Streams YouTube Channel. We invite you to join us in revisiting these significant milestones and celebrating the achievements of our students.

A blue graduation cap with a gold tassel resting on a red YouTube play button, against a black background.
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