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GMHS sports encompass a variety of athletic activities for both middle and high school students. The sports programs include Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Skiing, Track & Field, among others. The school also supports ice hockey, providing opportunities for high school students to participate in competitive ice hockey. Various teams are structured across Junior Varsity, Middle School, and Varsity levels for boys and girls, offering a well-rounded athletic experience to students of different age groups and skill levels. 

Photo of Tess Patry, a physical education teacher and athletic director.


Athletic Director

Life of a Husky
Information & Expectations

The Gorham Randolph Shelburne Cooperative School District holds a firm belief that its Student Athletes ought to exemplify exemplary sportspersonship on the field of play, alongside being model citizens within the school and broader community. Upon taking up the mantle of a Student Athlete, an individual tacitly accepts a level of responsibility that is not required of, nor asked of, their fellow students. This distinctive responsibility and honor embodies a willingness to let one’s performance—both on and off the field of competition—stand as a benchmark of excellence within our towns and our educational institutions. This ethos not only enriches the sporting culture, but also fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment that reverberates through our community, nurturing a positive, uplifting environment for all.

A collage featuring two main images: the top image showcases a women's soccer team in blue and white uniforms celebrating with a trophy on a field, while the bottom image shows a men's soccer team in similar uniforms, lifting a trophy amidst cheering. Both images are set against a serene backdrop of green rolling hills under a cloudy sky.

Sports Live Streams

Click the buttons below to check live stream schedules and availability.

A professional video camera with a prominent lens and additional equipment, illuminated in blue, positioned on a dark surface against a black background.

Fitness Center

GMHS is equipped with an on-site fitness center that is accessible to students. This facility provides a convenient venue for physical exercise, allowing students to engage in wellness activities without leaving the school premises. The availability of such a resource within the educational environment underscores the school's commitment to promoting holistic well-being.

A well-equipped gym with treadmills, a rowing machine, free weights, and various weight training equipment. The walls are adorned with motivational quotes and banners, including one that reads 'Home of the Huskies'.

Stretching & Strengthening Programs

Bryanna Poirier, a graduate of the class of 2021, created the Stretching and Strengthening Programs website as part of their Capstone Project. They are majoring in physical therapy so they thought creating a website for stretches and strengthening exercises for all sports at our school would be a fun idea to help protect our athletes!

A minimalist blue background with subtle white curved lines. Centrally placed are the words 'DON'T STRESS JUST STRETCH' in bold white letters, underscored by a solid blue line.
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